Portable Emissions Measurement System OBS-ONE

2017년6월27일 - Modular on-board emissions measurement system to comply with latest emission testing regulation requirements

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2017년6월27일 - HORIBA will introduce the revolutionary laboratory management system at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2017

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2017년6월27일 - New test systems to close the gap between road and laboratory

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2016년7월19일 - Innovative and efficient emission measurement system is well-suited for real driving measurements With the OBS-ONE-PN unit, HORIBA presents the latest member of its OBS-ONE series, a highly sophisticated portable emission measurement system (PEMS). Featuring an optimized design as well as an improved temperature and flow control, the advanced solution for mobile solid particle counting facilitates accurate measurements under real driving conditions (Real Driving Emissions, RDE).

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2016년7월19일 - Independent and objective test results on the customer’s behalf The continuing improvement and development of brake systems is gaining importance for vehicle manufacturers around the world. Innovations designed to avoid disturbing noises and vibrations while also reducing particulate emissions and parasitic residual slip are on the agenda. As a specialist in the field of brake test dynamometers, HORIBA is to join forces with the ANT (Advanced Noise Technologies) division of HÜHOCO, an experienced supplier of the automotive industry, to provide comprehensive testing services for friction brakes. For this purpose, the two partners are going to build a joint test center in Flörsheim near Frankfurt/ Main. The relevant cooperation agreement was signed on May 4th 2016.

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2016년7월19일 - HORIBA realizes MEDAS, an innovative tool for developing internal combustion engines

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2016년4월25일 - HORIBA develops new data preparation tool

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