Construction to Start This Month (April) of a Main Mass Production Plant for the HORIBA Group

2005년4월 5일

HORIBA, Ltd. has announced that it will expand its Aso Factory (in Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture) where currently HORIBA’s wholly-owned subsidiary HORIBA STEC, Co., Ltd. manufactures its main product, mass flow controllers, to three times its present size. The new factory will not only be used to manufacture HORIBA STEC’s products but will play a key role as the HORIBA Group’s main mass production plant. In addition to the semiconductor field, manufacturing of products in the medical, physical, and chemical fields will be transferred to the Aso Factory and production levels will be increased.

The total amount invested in the new factory, including plant and equipment investment to enhance production, will be about 1.5 billion yen, and total floor area will be increased to approximately three times the current size, strengthening the overall production system for the planned expansion of the HORIBA Group. Construction of the new factory building will start towards the end of this month (ground-breaking ceremony to be held on April 13) and will be completed on October 17, the 60th anniversary of HORIBA’s foundation. Full operation is scheduled to commence in January 2006. With the new Aso Factory as one of its core production bases in Asia, HORIBA plans to build a production system that fully utilizes the strengths of each factory, in close coordination with HORIBA Group factories in China and Korea.