Full-fledged Asian Market Expansion Two New Bases

2000년11월 6일

HORIBA will open new offices in Taiwan and Shanghai, to develop business in the Asian market, with expectations of further growth in the future. The new Taiwan office will be located in Hsin-Chu City and begins operation in November. The chief objective of its activity will be sales expansion in the semiconductor field. The Shanghai office will open next spring, and will eventually serve as a sales base for medical-use products.
At present, HORIBA has three bases in Asia: a subsidiary conducting local production and sales in South Korea, a local corporate sales company in Singapore, and a representative office in Beijing. The two new offices will be added as footholds to cover the Asian market more extensively. Meanwhile, HORIBA will reinforce its communication with subsidiaries operating in Asia, including STEC Inc. and ATAGO BUSSAN Co., Ltd., to further promote and spread HORIBA Group brands.

The Hsin-Chu office in Taiwan will be, for the time being, located within the Taiwan branch office of STEC Inc. and will have one full-time staff member. Its main activities will be semiconductor-related market research and local sales support. In preparation for the appearance of the next-generation 300-mm product, active plant and equipment investment continues in Taiwanfs semiconductor market, which is currently in an important expansion period, as evidenced by the newly developed technological industrial park in Hsin-Chu. HORIBAfs new office is expected to rapidly capture business opportunities through information collection quickened by increased visits to customers and support for sales activities.
The Shanghai office will begin with a five-member staff. It will cover the market in the Huanan - Huadong region stretching from Shanghai to the Coastal region to Guangzhou. This will be HORIBAfs second office in China after the Beijing office (established in October 1995). Its main activities will be customer support improvement and collection of customer needs- and market-related information. The office will also serve as a foothold to develop activity bases and realize full-fledged entry into the Chinese market for medical-use products. At the same time, as there are many Japanese and foreign companies in Shanghai, the office will explore new customers and expand the market by increasing direct sales promotion opportunities and agents in the Shanghai area.

The establishment of the Hsin-Chu office will allow HORIBA to have direct contact with customers and be more responsive than when business is conducted solely via sales agents. In this way market needs can be fully satisfied in the field of semiconductors, one which is marked by short delivery periods. In recent years, semiconductor production assembly lines have been largely automated, resulting in growing demand for 24-hour maintenance and customer service with regard to analyzer units. The opening of the Hsin-Chu office will realize 24-hour customer assistance, bringing HORIBA closer to customers in terms of both time and distance and helping form a relationship of trust with customers.
As for the medical-use product business in China, sales will be conducted via local agents. In this field, coordination between agents and the manufacturer is important with regard to maintenance and customer service. The Shanghai office will provide contact with local agents, reinforcing the manufacturerfs agent back-up system. In this manner, local service and technical support can be enhanced, leading to increased customer confidence. HORIBA intends to exchange field information with agents in different areas and construct a system for cooperation to spread HORIBA brands throughout the vast country of China, increasing both market coverage and sales.