Portable yet Highly Sensitive, Prototype Heavy Metal Measurement Device Completed

2010년8월 1일

Portable yet Highly Sensitive, Prototype Heavy Metal Measurement Device Completed
Industry-Academia Joint Development: Trace Heavy Metal Measurement Device Incorporating Diamond Electrodes

HORIBA, Ltd., in collaboration with Professor Einaga at Keio University, has developed a portable measurement device incorporating diamond electrodes for trace heavy metal ions. This measurement equipment takes only about five minutes to measure elements such as cadmium and arsenic contained in industrial wastewater and food, including agricultural products. The diamond electrodes, thanks to their low noise level, enable measurements up to 100 times more sensitive than with conventional electrodes. Through such measurements, this new device is expected to contribute to safety and security in the living environment.

Portable Measurement Device for Low-Concentration Heavy Metals

Generally, heavy metals are present at low concentrations. Therefore, they are measured by the atomic absorption method or the inductively coupled plasma (ICP) technique, which provide highly accurate measurements. These measurement techniques, however, are not suitable for outdoor or other on-site applications, due to their need for utilities such as high-pressure gas and high-voltage power. In contrast, the newly developed measurement equipment requires no peripheral devices and is therefore portable. Wherever it can be brought in, it is capable of measuring low-concentration heavy metals on site. Moreover, it offers features that enable anyone without expert knowledge to perform high-sensitivity measurements without difficulty.

Diamond Electrodes Enable High Sensitivity

In comparison with other electrode materials used in electrochemical measurements, one feature of diamond electrodes is their extremely low noise level. The signal-to-noise ratio of diamond electrodes is up to 100 times better than that of the conventional platinum electrodes. The high sensitivity realized by diamond electrodes is comparable to that achieved by the atomic absorption or ICP method.


Needs for Heavy Metal Measurement

Food products, such as agricultural and fishery products contaminated with cadmium, arsenic or other heavy metal, pose danger to public health. For this reason, wastewater and wastes containing heavy metals are monitored and controlled. The newly developed device enables measurement of low-concentration heavy metals and can be easily used in the field. Because of these features, expectations are high for this new device in contributing to safety and security in people’s living environment.



External Dimensions:200 (W) ´ 342 (H) ´ 315 (D) (mm)

Measurement Ranges:       

Copper (Cu):       0 ~ 3.00 ppm

Arsenic (As) :       0 ~ 0.200 ppm

Cadmium (Cd):    0 ~ 0.500 ppm

Measurement Time: Approx. 5 min

Sample Amount:  5 mL