Breakthrough—all limitations of traditional electric cooling overcome! New X-ray detector requires no liquid nitrogen,


Horiba has developed a new liquid-nitrogen-free X-ray detector, the core component of Energy Dispersive X-ray (EDX) microanalyzers, and will start accepting orders for the new product in September. Because this product is combined with electron microscopes, it will use ultra-low-vibration cooling units that have been newly developed. This breakthrough overcomes vibration effects on electron microscopes and problems with cooling capacity that had been shortcomings of traditional electronic cooling methods. As a top manufacturer of X-ray analysis equipment, by adding this product to the lineup, we are responding to the diverse needs of our customers.


=Standard Price=
The price of the product is 2.4 million yen higher than that of liquid nitrogen cooling (standard) types

=Main Specifications=
Energy resolution: 138 eV (Mn Ka)
Weight: about 12 kg (main detector body)