HORIBA consolidates its U.S. operations

2012년1월 6일

In January, 2012, HORIBA, Ltd. announced the restructuring of the U.S. subsidiaries, including the merger of 4 U.S. subsidiaries to HORIBA International Corporation’s affiliate, HORIBA Instruments Incorporated which is expected to aggregate the U.S. business structure. This facilitates the business performance and provides further competitive edge in sales in North America which has the largest analytical and measurement system’s market.

HORIBA International Corporation acquired 100% ownership of Brazil's subsidiary of HORIBA ABX SAS (France), active in the Medical-Diagnostic market. HORIBA has been the industry leader in the sales of small and medium-sized blood cell counters in Brazil and accelerated the expansion of their business by promoting the sales of reagents for clinical tests. In addition to the current success in the medical instruments field, the unification of Brazil and North America’s business sets the foundation for the highly anticipated full-scale business expansion of Automotive Test Systems and Scientific Instruments and Systems segment in the near future.

  1. Followings are the corporations associated with the merger of 4 consolidated subsidiaries in the U.S.
    • HORIBA Instruments Incorporated. (Surviving company)
    • HORIBA ABX Inc.
    • HORIBA Jobin Yvon Inc.
    • HORIBA/STEC Incorporated.
  2. Changes of consolidated subsidiaries’ corporate names after the reorganization,
    • HORIBA Instruments Brasil, Ltda. (Former HORIBA ABX BRASIL )

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