HORIBA Forms License Agreement with U.S. EPA regarding On-Board Emissions Measurement Systems for Next-Generation Testing


HORIBA, Ltd. recently concluded a license agreement regarding on-board emissions measurement systems with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States, making it possible for HORIBA to supply emissions measurement systems in the U.S.

To assess the state of exhaust gas emitted by vehicles during actual road travel, the introduction of new testing methods for emissions measurement under real driving conditions is being explored mainly in the West. Obtaining a license from the EPA, one of the world’s leading emissions regulatory authorities, allows HORIBA to develop on-board emissions measurement systems for next-generation measurement and testing under actual traveling conditions for gasoline and other vehicles. This includes measurement and testing related to diesel-vehicle emissions regulations that are scheduled to go into effect in the United States in 2007.

Using the EPA’s basic patent license, HORIBA is now developing new, globally compatible systems that are both compact and easy to operate and can be used in ten countries, including Japan and the U.S. HORIBA plans to start accepting orders in spring 2005.