Name Change in HORIBA’s Major Group Companies is Complete with ABX

2004년11월 2일

ABX S.A. (headquarters: Montpelier, France), one of HORIBA’s major overseas subsidiaries playing a key role in the medical business field, has changed its name to HORIBA ABX S.A., effective November 2, 2004.

By placing HORIBA at the beginning of the new company name, and combining the brand strength of HORIBA that arises out of its corporate culture and reliability with the specialist technologies for which the ABX group has come to be known, HORIBA is aiming for a synergy effect. The change of name is part of the overall brand unification strategy that HORIBA has been aiming to accomplish in all 36 of its group companies, domestic and overseas, before the end of this fiscal year. With this change of the ABX Group, all planned name changes of group companies are now complete.