New Particle Size Distribution Analyzer LA-950 Goes on Sale


HORIBA, Ltd. will start sales of the LA-950, a new type of particle size distribution analyzer which measures the size of fine particles using laser beams, on September 1. To meet the market’s need to measure the size of particles of all kinds with the advent of the nanotechnology age, the LA-950 has a measurement range from the minimum 0.01 μm (10 nm) to the maximum 3,000 μm (3 mm), the broadest range in the industry. The LA-950 is the most advanced model in the market, covering all uses in particle handling from leading-edge technology development to quality control at plants. Measuring time has also been shortened to approximately one minute, one fourth of the measuring time of existing models. Moreover, simple operation by means of the navigation function enables measurement of the highest precision. With this worldwide strategic product targeting the global market, HORIBA aims to obtain a 20% share of the world market and a 50% share of the domestic market by 2007.