New XGT-5000 Analytical X-Ray Analytical Microscope Facilitates X-Ray-Based Quality Control and Instantaneous Microanalysis of Viewed Objects


HORIBA has developed the XGT-5000, a new analytical x-ray analytical microscope model that is capable of elemental mapping as well as x-ray penetration imaging. The company will begin accepting purchase orders for the XGT-5000 in September 2002. Besides being useful for research and development, the new model is designed to also handle applications in quality control and on-site measurement, incorporating an x-ray beam with higher signal strength, and is capable of cutting inspection times to up to one-fiftieth of the conventional amount. An improved optical system allows users to set measurement points while observing global and spot images at the magnification of their choice, thus facilitating simple yet rapid high-precision microanalysis in a single scan. Vast enhancements in measuring speed and ease-of-use make the XGT-5000 ideal for applications in quality control and on-site measurement hitherto difficult if not impossible with x-ray microscopy.

Key Features
- Sweeping reduction in measurement time (to up to 1/50th of the time conventionally required) is possible.
- A measurement that used to require a whole day will be shortened to only 30 minutes.
- Instantaneous analysis of desired observation points is possible.
- Switching from global view to 100-fold resolution and to 10 µm-scale microanalysis can be carried out in three clicks.

Sample Applications
- Identification of impurities or micro-defects in electronic components, foods, and drug products
- Observation and analysis of living and prepared biological specimens
- Nondestructive analysis of mineral samples and ancient art works
- Development of new materials and composites

Price Range
.0-22.6 million

Annual Sales Target
70 units in first year, 100 units in second year

Basic Specifications
Analytical applications: Biological specimens, IT, metallurgy, ceramics, new materials, polymers, etc.
Detectable elements: Sodium (Na) to uranium (U)
Maximum scanning range: 100 X 100 mm
Installed dimensions (mm): 2110 (W) X 1000 (D) X 1370 (H)
Weight: Approx. 280 kg