Undertaking renovation in Japan-based development and production



HORIBA aims to double production capability and shorten delivery time to one-third by its
new production methodology for the multi-products, small-lot-sized production.

HORIBA will construct its largest development and production base, named “HORIBA BIWAKO E-HARBOR,” at the site it owns in Shiga Prefecture. Construction is scheduled to start on February 24 and be completed next fall. By doing this we aim to promote an integrated structural renovation in sales, development, design, production, and services in the gas measurement field, including emission measurement system, a core product. The location decision to build in Japan is because that is where we have the accumulated expert knowledge and know-how, giving us confidence that it will help us realize succession and renovation of our core technologies. In addition, by organically integrating design and production to better respond to the variety of specifications required by each customer and by introducing a new production method, we target doubling production capability and shortening delivery time to one-third.

Consolidating development, design, and production operations of gas measurement equipment at a single location

HORIBA’s gas measurement technologies are used in many of our major products including the MEXA series emission measurement systems, which have earned the position of the world’s top brand, and stack gas analyzers. We aim to accelerate new product launches and make production more efficient by organically integrating development, design and production processes.
Our next generation of engineers will have the major role in transferring our core technologies, which have been developed in Kyoto over the past six decades, to the new location. They will inherit the technologies by absorbing their predecessors’ knowledge and know-how, and promote renovation with expansion of production volume among the objectives. We are confident that through those processes there will emerge the force needed to drive the next technological renovation phase.

Doubling of production capability and shortening delivery time to one-third by a new production methodology

In the recent years, in the midst of an increase in the types or varieties of gas in demand at manufacturers, and diversification of the measuring environment, we have responded to requirements of various specifications and requests for shorter delivery times. We will consolidate the component assembly processes, which have been dispersed in various locations, on a single floor, eliminate stagnation of components and materials as inventory or delayed in transportation processes, and build a speedy and flexible system supporting product shipment. By adopting more fluent processes from order intake to delivery, we aim at doubling production capability and shortening delivery time to one-third, in addition to enhancement of product quality.

Enhancing HORIBA’s engineering service capacity

At this facility, HORIBA’s largest test laboratory of gas measurement equipment for automotive and process & environmental segments will be constructed in the future and used for training, demonstration, and application development for our customers. By offering comprehensive engineering services from sales to development, production, and maintenance, we will pursue more creativity, higher quality and speed and further enhance our competitiveness in the global market.

(*) “E” of HORIBA BIWAKO E-HARBOR stands for a capital letter of Engineering, Environment, Energy system, Engagement and Enhancement, representing various effects. HORIBA is aiming to achieve at the new facility, and incorporates our passions for the new facility.