A close partnership between HORIBA Medical and Montpellier University Hospital


HORIBA Medical and Montpellier University Hospital teams

HORIBA Medical and Montpellier University Hospital have signed a contract to locally meet the company’s requirements of biological samples for the validation and development of in vitro diagnostics solutions and analyzers.

The Biological Resources Centre at Montpellier University Hospital will implement a specific procedure to provide HORIBA Medical with biological samples from the Hematology and Biochemistry biobanks.

Collection of biological samples will be carried out by the Biological Resource Center at Montpellier University Hospital under the required quality and safety conditions, and in compliance with bioethics regulations governing Biobanks.

Access to these biological specimen collections is regulated by the said contract, which will enable Montpellier University Hospital to support and develop its mission of providing the biological resources necessary for researchers and diagnostics companies in the Occitanie Region.

HORIBA Medical will use these samples for the development, validation of its solutions and production of its in vitro diagnostic analyzers.

This contract has been made possible thanks to the Occitanie region’s biobanks network with strong support from the University Hospital’s Research and Innovation Directorate, and also from Hematology and Biochemistry Laboratories. This ambitious partnership, based on collaboration between public and private institutions, will contribute towards industrial development throughout the Occitanie Region.

BIOBANQUES LR OCCITANIE is a network established to facilitate access to c ollections of human biological samples in public or private research projects for bio banks in the main healthcare institutions in the Occitanie region (CHU Montpellier - CHU Nîmes - ’ICM Val d’Aurelle).

THE BIOLOGICAL RESOURCE CENTER at Montpellier University Hospital pr ovides access, under the required quality and safety conditions and incompli ance with the regulations, to biological resources for the purposes of validation, R&D or scientific research through simple transfer or research collaboration projects. This service is accessible to academic and industrial partners.