Biotechnology & Surface Chemistry

Spectroscopic ellipsometers are flexible and non-destructive systems for use in biotechnology and surface chemistry. The analysis of surface organic coating or the dynamic study of chemical phenomena in liquid ambient is possible by ellipsometry.

Application Notes

  • SE-08:Characterization of DNA Sensor Pads using the UVISEL Spectroscopic Phase Modulated Ellipsometer
  • SE-09:Ellipsometric Study of the Aggregation of Hydrophobically Modified Polysaccharides in Solution at the Air/Water Interface
  • SE-10:Spectroscopic Ellipsometric Measurements on Biochip Structures in a Liquid Flow Cell Environment
  • SE-18:Characterization of biotin-avidin system for use of biomaterials by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
  • SE-23:Characterization of thickness and optical constants of a-Carbon films
  • SE-26:Characterization of Engineered Nanomaterials
  • SE-28:Characterization of Ultra Thin Surfactant Films by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

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Ellipsometry for Organic Webinar