Spectroscopic Ellipsometer Options and Accessories

A large array of options and accessories is available for HORIBA Scientific’s Spectroscopic Ellipsometers to enhance and expand instrument performance and versatility. The modular design of our spectroscopic ellipsometers allows the instrument to be easily upgraded during its lifetime to best suit changing application requirements.


XY motorized stage Open

XY Motorized stage for Thin Film Uniformity Mapping

Automatic goniometer Open

Automatic Goniometer to Vary Angle of Incidence

Compact integrated goniometer Open

Compact Integrated Goniometer for Cost-Effective Solution


Temperature controlled stage Open

Temperature Controlled Stage to Study How Film Properties Change with Temperature

Electrochemical cell Open

Electrochemical Cell to Study Electrochemical Processes

Liquid cell Open

Liquid Cell For Solid and Solid/Liquid Experiments

Sealed cell Open

Sealed Cell for the Characterization of Thin Films under Non-Air Ambient Conditions

Cryostat Open

Cryostat to Maintain low Cryogenic Temperatures

Rotation or θ stage Open

Rotation Stage to Study Anisotropic Samples

Tilted Sample Stage Open

Tilted Sample Stage For measurement of Photovoltaic Samples

Tilted Sample Holder Open

Tilted Sample Holder For measurement of Sample Transmission and Ellipsometric Transmission at 70°

Flexible Substrate Holder Open

Flexible Substrate Holder For Convenient Mounting of Flexible Substrates