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Fluorescence Spectroscopy Solutions

Duetta Fluorescence and Absorbance Spectrometer

HORIBA Scientific, the global leader in Fluorescence Spectroscopy systems and Fluorescence Instruments, offers the most extensive line of Fluorescence Steady-State spectrometers, Fluorescence Lifetime spectrometers, Steady State and Lifetime Hybrid instruments and Microscope-based solutions.

HORIBA Scientific incorporates the products and know how from SPEX, IBH, Jobin Yvon, Photon Technology International (PTI) and SLM - the dominant names in Fluorescence Spectroscopy.

We provide the broadest lines of Fluorescence instrumentation from compact Fluorometers and Fluorescence Spectrometers to Modular Spectrofluorometer Systems. Our wide range of Components, Software and Accessories enable us to create an optimum solution for all needs and budgets.

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Steady-State Fluorescence Spectrofluorometers for UV, visible or near IR light - compact, benchtop or modular solutions.
Fluorescence hybrid lifetime and steady state
Fluorescence steady state and frequency domain software, decay analysis software - measurement software - fluorescence software for spectrofluorometer data-acquisition, decay analysis software to recover kinetic information, DataStation
Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrofluorometers for UV, visible or near IR light - measured from picoseconds to milliseconds and beyond - time domain -TCSPC and frequency domain solutions
Fluorescence Lifetime Microscopy mapping - TCSPC - microscope  - Measure dynamic events in microscopic samples solutions apply time resolved fluorescence spectroscopy on a micron-scale.
Fluorescence Spectrofluorometer system accessories for spectrofluorometers. Quanta-phi for a quantum yield luminescence system; microwell-plate reader, external trigger accessory, auto titration injector, stopped flow rapid kinetics accessories, and dewar
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