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Nanolog-Spectrofluorometer for Nanomaterials


분광기 iHR 시리즈 + NanolOG InGaAs 어레이 검출기 (액체 질소 냉각)으로 고속 매트릭스 측정을 실현하였습니다. 카본나노튜브의 NIR 발광 측정에 이상적이다.

제조원 HORIBA Scientific


  • 450 W intense broadband cw xenon lamp for bright excitation from UV to near-IR
  • Full excitation-emission matrices in seconds
  • IGA-3000 InGaAs array detectors: 800-1700 nm; 256 x 1,512 x 1, and 1024 x 1 pixel formats as small as 25 µm pitch; noise as low as 650 erms with liquid-nitrogen cooling for best signal-to-noise ratio; optional thermoelectric cooling; extended range option (1.1 - 2.2 µm)
  • TRIAX 320 iHR 320 emission spectrograph: focal length = 320 mm; f/4.1; dispersion = 2.31 nm/mm; resolution = 0.06 nm (with slit); software-controlled triple-grating turret (all measured with 1200 grove/mm grating)
  • Solid-state near-IR detectors, photomultiplier tubes from UV to near-IR, time-correlated single-photon counting lifetime measurement (100 ps to 1 ms, UV to near-IR), phosphorimeter (1 µs to > 10 s, UV to near-IR), and frequency-domain lifetime measurement (10 ps to 10 %micro;s, UV to near-IR) are also available


Schematic of the NanoLog, showing the optical path from source through sample to detectors
Use of 3D Fluorescence for Quality Control of White Wine

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