Fluorescence Spectroscopy


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Steady-State Fluorescence Spectrofluorometers

Steady-state fluorescence spectroscopy investigates the long-term average fluorescence of a sample when irradiated with UV, visible, or near-IR light. Our research-grade steady-state spectrofluorometers are compact, benchtop or modular, customizable for any sort of fluorometry, be it fluorescence detection or phosphorescence studies that your research requires.

Fluorolog - Modular Spectrofluorometer

FluoroLog - 모듈 Spectrofluorometer

모듈 형식 형광 분광 분석 장비 Fluorolog – NIR은 지금까지 없든 구성 요소와 조합으로 유형 형광 분광 분석 장치입니다. 실험 목적에 가장 적합하고 다양한 구성 요소를 선택할 수있어 저렴한 가격에 시스템 구축이 가능합니다

PTI QuantaMaster Family - Open Architecture Expandable Steady-State and Lifetime Fluorescence Systems

The PTI QuantaMaster™ family of steady state, lifetime, and hybrid spectrofluorometers offer great sensitivity and multiple configurations optimized for different measurements.

Aqualog - for Water Quality and CDOM analysis

Aqualog® - Our compact, Benchtop Fluorometer for CDOM

The only simultaneous absorbance and fluorescence system for water quality analysis!. Aqualog now offers new deep UV absorbance and fluorescence excitation from 200 nm, in addition to a fully automated sample queue tool to facilitate continuous data acquisition, analysis and export for immediate multivariate analysis with the Solotm package from our partner, Eigenvector Research, Inc.

NanoLog - Spectrofluorometer for Nanomaterials

분광기 iHR 시리즈 + NanolOG InGaAs 어레이 검출기 (액체 질소 냉각)으로 고속 매트릭스 측정을 실현하였습니다. 카본나노튜브의 NIR 발광 측정에 이상적이다.