Precise impurity control in raw materials and manufacturing processes increases the quality of solar cells.

The solar grade silicon (SOG-Si) used in solar cells must have carbon and oxygen concentrations of just a few mass ppm or less. Some manufacturing methods use graphite receptacles, so carbon and oxygen concentrations must be strictly analyzed and controlled. Therefore, impurity control is essential in both material and manufacturing processes. HORIBA’s elemental analysis tools provide high-precision, repeatable analyses of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and other elements, which are vital to quality control in solar cell manufacturing processes.


철강, 신소재, 촉매 등 세계 최첨단기술의 기술 개발이나 품질관리에 빠뜨리지 않는 고정밀도에 빠른 원소 분석을 실현하는 설비

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The HORIBA EMGA-921 determines the hydrogen contained in ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, semiconductors, or electronic materials using the inert gas fusion method and column separation. The Hydrogen is measured by a thermal conductivity detector.