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24 grudzień 2015 - The project GLADIATOR (Graphene Layers: Production, Characterization and Integration) is driven by the vision of developing an approach to the production of high quality graphene (transmittance ≤ 90%, sheet resistance ≥ 10...


23 grudzień 2015 - It's fun thinking about what gift would please someone, and then imagining their smile when they receive it. HORIBA wishes you a happy and healthy 2016 and looks forward to continuing to provide you with analytical and measuring...


9 grudzień 2015 -  The best foreign export prize was awarded to HORIBA Jobin Yvon SAS, sponsored by Air France. This award recognizes the best company with foreign capital producing in France and exporting from France, having done...


21 październik 2015 - In this issue you will learn about XP Examina, ParticleFinder, the New ProtectionPlus module, TERS technique and Raman accessories.


14 październik 2015 - This webinar will survey the diagnostic potential of direct and amplified-SPRi based biosensors, particularly for applications involving complex media, and compare it directly to conventional bio-affinity assays like ELISA. The...


7 październik 2015 - During his 3-day visit to Japan, the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls met Mr (Dr) Atsushi Horiba, President & CEO of HORIBA Ltd., while visiting the HORIBA Ltd. headquarters and factory on October 3rd,...


25 wrzesień 2015 - You are invited to join the HORIBA - Dias de Sousa Road Show to Portugal which will take place from 12 October to 15 October 2015. The road show will pass through Lisbon, Aveiro, Porto and Braga.  The road show will give you...


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