Biological and Chemical Engineering

There are many biological, medical and engineering applications that may be characterised by spectroscopic ellipsometry such as:

  • Monitor interface thickness in real-time: film growth, film adsorption
  • Monitor real-time changes at interfaces
  • Contamination, impurities detection
  • Surface functionalisation: self-assembled monolayers
  • Organic films, biofilms
  • Liquids

 Spectroscopic Ellipsometers are mainly used to investigate changes that occur at solid/ liquid, liquid/liquid and liquid/air interfaces.

The precision of the technique allows the accurate measurement of bio or organic film thickness with sub-angstrom resolution.

The major advantages of spectroscopic ellipsometry for this application are:

  • Non destructive technique
  • Measurement of ultra-thin film thickness
  • Versatility as the investigation can be made in different ambient air, liquid or vacuum environments
  • Kinetic measurements