Molecular and Microanalysis

HORIBA's expertise in molecular and micro-analysis, including the world leading HORIBA Scientific product lines in Micro-Raman, Micro-Fluorescence and Micro-PL enable users to explore ever expanding and demanding fields of application.

  • High precision spectroscopic mapping and imaging (Fluorescence, PL, CL, Raman and XRF)
  • Highly detailed confocal microscopic images
  • Combined hybrid technology such as Raman/AFM, Raman/PL, CL/PL, steady state/time resolved etc.

Our innovative and high performance technology enables the modern researcher and analyst to explore every dimension of molecular and micro-analysis.

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Confocal Raman Microscopy

Raman analysis on the sub-micron scale provides highly detailed molecular information on samples ranging from pharmaceuticals to minerals.

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Fluorescence Microscopy

Fluorescence, steady state and time resolved spectroscopic mapping and imaging provides a wealth of information on biological systems and quantum structures.

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Novel monocapillary technology provides access to spatially resolved XRAY fluorescence analysis down to the 10um scale.

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High spatial resolution and UV-NIR wavelengths provide important structural, optical and electronic characterisation of semiconductors and nano-materials alike.

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