Miniature CCD Spectrometer & CMOS PDA Spectrometers with fiber input

  • Fiber Mini Spectrometers with Electronics
  • Superior Throughput & Dynamic Range - Superior Stray Light Rejection
  • Excellent Value & High Performance OEM USB Spectrometers
  • Multichannel (8-16-20… fiber inputs) spectrometer with integrated CCD (uncooled cooled or TE-Cooled).
  • For fiber optic spectrographs without detector electronics, click here

HORIBA Scientific supplies a complete range of OEM imaging miniature spectrographs and spectrometers optimized for use with CCD, Photodiode array (CMOS) and InGaAs detectors to operate from the UV through to the NIR. These mini spectrometer units are available in a variety of focal lengths and resolutions and incorporate aberration corrected, high efficiency concave holographic gratings for superior signal to noise and other proprietary and patented optical designs.

Spectral resolution customized to meet your requirements.


Raman (VIS-NIR)
532 - 830nm

850 - 1700nm

20-32 Channels
N-Fiber Inputs

70 mm Focal Length OEM Only - UV-VIS


VS2000-INGAAS - Ultra compact InGaAs Spectrometer

The VS2000-INGAAS miniature fiber NIR spectrometer features a 256 pixel linear array mounted on our high throughput (F/2.7) CP20 shortest focal length OEM spectrometer. It covers 850-1700nm and includes a 2-stage TE Peltier cooler. With a 50 mic pitch on the InGaAs array, the spectral resolution is in the range of 6.5 to 11nm. Available slits range from 50 to >100 mic

CT-Multichannel CCD Spectrometer

CT-Multichannel CCD Spectrometer [20 channels] High Throughput - Highest number of  large fibers Sequential instrument with Back-Illuminated CCD

The CT-300 series (Patented modified Czerny-Turner) of CCD spectrometers are high throughput/sensitivity systems, which use back-thinned CCDs and can be configured with 10 to 20 fiber input channels (800 micron diameter fibers), running in a combination of sequential and simultaneous modes. The Visible spectral coverage is the standard configuration. Compared with interline based CCDs, the CT-300 range of CCD detectors provide Dynamic Ranges of 7000:1 and beyond, and SNR of 500:1 (Shot noise conditions). The slit width is customized to attain the proper spectral resolution. Other ranges of coverage can be reached by customization for OEM volume applications, according to the selected fiber diameter.

CC-55 Multichannel Spectrometer

CC-55 Multichannel Spectrometer [32 channels] - Up to 26 simultaneous channels (No shutter!) and more in Sequential mode - Interline CCD

The CC-55 CCD Imaging Spectrometer (with a Type-I grating, i.e. featuring equidistant and parallel grooves) features a very low noise (8e-) Interline Front illuminated CCD with 1360 x 1024 pixels. The spectral resolution will be in the 2.5 to 10nm range. The spectral coverage over a 5.5 mm detector length, is typically 350nm to 780nm, but adjustments to extend the range can be made.


Colorimeters, Spectrophotometers, Analytical chemistry, Biotechnology, Liquid Chromatography, Process monitoring, Medical instruments, Telecommunications, Semiconductor applications (OES, LED testing)...

Design customizations for OEM volume customers are possible for each part of the spectrometer: Spectrograph, CCD or PDA chip selection and electronics. Exclusivity on a design can also be contracted.

Unhappy with your current stray light rejection or low throughput fiber spectrometer?
HORIBA Scientific offers an affordable and high performance replacement solution in its compact spectrographs which:

  • Integrate concave holographic diffraction gratings that cut losses due to astigmatism.
  • Feature high collection optics (F/#2 optics) for superior throughput (4 times more light than with an F/4 product)
  • Eliminate extra mirrors found in other optical spectrometer designs

Need to monitor a reference signal?
HORIBA Scientific realizes that OEM customers wish to use lower cost lasers or light sources which may not feature optimum stability. Its line of imaging spectrographs allows you to use 2-D CCD detectors which can simultaneously record your light source drifts or spikes for correction purposes during the same exposure.

Need to monitor multiple spectra at once?
A high performance imaging spectrograph can also record 5-10-20 spectra coming from different fiber optics channels, without crosstalk between the various signals. HORIBA Scientific even designed a spectrograph that could separate 100 channels. Our imaging spectrographs can be fitted with 2D CCD chips such as the Sony ICX 285 CCD sensor or other lower cost Sony CCD sensor (imaging spectroscopy, reference monitoring), the S7031 back-thinned CCD or with the EEV 2-D high performance Charge Coupled Devices. Consult us about special designs.

Considering a CCD or PDA/CMOS or SiPM chip which we don't list?
Our electronics team will be happy to meet your engineering team to discuss your specification requirements for volume orders. We have developed full OEM electronics sets in 3 months. We transfer our knowledge of high end spectroscopy CCD electronics with high signal to noise into OEM compact modules with customer specified dimensions and shape factors. We, the OEM division, are specialists of COST REDUCTION combined with PERFORMANCE MAINTAINING.