Compact, Imaging, Miniature Fiber Spectrographs

If our families of OEM spectrographs do not meet your requirements we can design and produce custom spectrographs for volume applications.

Family of OEM Spectrographs without detectors
OEM Spectrographs with detectors and electronics

HORIBA Scientific supplies a complete range of OEM imaging miniature spectrographs optimized for use with CCD and Photodiode array detectors to operate from the UV through to the IR. These mini spectrometer units are available in a variety of focal lengths and resolutions and incorporate aberration corrected, high efficiency concave holographic gratings for superior throughput.

Each fiber optic spectrometer includes an optical slit, to be specified by the customer, located behind the SMA connector. To optimize adjustments, we can assemble your CCD or PDA detectors with our fiber optic spectrographs at our factory.

If our families of OEM fiber spectrographs do not meet your requirements we can design and produce a custom grating spectrometer for your volume application. Additionally, we can develop custom drive electronics for other detector arrays to be mounted on our USB imaging spectrometer systems. Email us your microspectrometer and CCD sensor specifications!

Considering these CCD sensors? Sony® ILX 511 linear CCD, Sony® ICX 285 CCD sensor (imaging spectroscopy), Hamamatsu® S9840 high UV sensitivity front-illuminated CCD for spectrometry, Hamamatsu® back thinned S7031-1006, S7030 and E2V® high end CCD chips (front-illuminated, lumogen coated, back thinned, open electrode). Our CCD electronics team will be happy to meet your engineering team to discuss your specification requirements for volume orders. We have developed full CCD detector electronics sets in 3 months. We utilize our experience with high end CCD camera electronics, with high signal to noise, in developing high performance OEM compact boards to meet our customers needs.

The small footprint of our OEM CCD spectrographs makes them ideal for integration in portable spectrometer systems.

Spectral resolution customized to meet your requirements.

OEM Stand-alone Spectrographs

Model Focal Length Spectral Range Dispersion Spectrum Length Aperture Retail Quantities Available
CP20 CP21 20 mm * * * F/2.7 No
(OEM Only)
30 mm 380-730nm 65nm/mm 5.4mm F/1.5 No
CP40 40 mm 380-760nm 60nm/mm 6.4mm F/1.5 No
CP D40 (Double) 40 mm 380-720nm 60nm/mm 2 spectra 5.7mm each F/1.5 No
CP60 60 mm 430-730nm 14nm/mm 21mm F/2.0 No
VS-70 70 mm ** ** ** F/2.0 No
VS7000 CCD HS: "with USB CCD"   200-860
    F/2.8 Contact us
Micro HR (Manual / Motorized ) 140 mm ***** ***** ***** F/3.88 Yes
iHR320 320 mm ****** ****** ****** F/4.1 Yes

* Various models available(320-800nm) Range preset at factory on customer's detector

** Various gratings available (190-1100nm)

*** Various gratings available (190-2500nm)

**** Various models available (190-2500nm)

***** Various models available (150nm-15µm)

****** Various models available(150nm-40µm)

For longer focal length spectrometers, please click here.

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