OEM Monochromators

A monochromator is an optical subassembly that accepts polychromatic input light from a lamp or laser and outputs monochromatic light. Typically, the entrance ports, which may be slits or optical fibers, are geometrically fixed. Internal to the device, the dispersive element, a diffraction grating, is rotated, either manually or by motor. The angle to which it is turned determines the wavelength of the output light. The result is a versatile, selectable, monochromatic source of light.

The HORIBA Scientific OEM Division offers catalog and custom monochromators to suit the needs of original equipment manufacturers and developers, who are looking for a volume supplier of simple, compact, reliable, high-throughput monochromators.

Our quality system is ISO 9001 certified, an internationally recognized standard.

OEM Monochromators

Model Focal Length Imaging F Nbr Wave length Range Reso- lution Dispersion Retail Quantities Available
H1034B 100 mm Yes f/2.8 185 nm-1 µm 1 nm 8 nm/mm No
100 mm - f/3.5 185 nm-3.2 µm 1 nm 8 nm/mm No
MF-34 100 mm - f/2.6 185 nm-3.2 µm <1 nm 7 nm/mm No
MF-61 100 mm - f/3.5 185 nm-3.2 µm 1 nm 8 nm/mm No
Micro HR (Manual / Motorized ) 140 mm - f/3.88 * * * Yes
iHR320 320 mm - f/4.1 ** ** ** Yes

* Various models available (150 nm-15µm)

**Various models available (150 nm-40µm)

For OEM Double Monochromator with 10-6 to 10-7 stray light rejection, please contact us.

For longer focal length spectrometers, please click here.

* Various models available (150 nm-15µm)

**Various models available(150 nm-40µm)