Particle Characterization

HORIBA designs, manufactures, and supplies state of the art particle characterization instruments.

Every instrument across the five business segments must meet stringent requirements before the HORIBA name is attached. The Particle Characterization group of analyzers has incorporated this principle into each new design since entering the business in 1979. Relentless innovation united with high performance to attain the ultimate goal: a new standard in usability.

Particle Characterization Products

HORIBA offers instruments for particle size, particle shape, zeta potential, and surface area analysis. Measurable particle size range is from below 1 nanometer to 30 millimeters, at concentrations ranging from 1 ppm to 50 vol% with shape determination available starting at 1 micrometer. A range of analytical techniques are employed including laser diffraction (Mie Theory), dynamic light scattering, nanotracking analysis (NTA) and dynamic and static image analysis (for measuring both particle size and shape information).

HORIBA's advanced designs and powerful software, combined with flexible sample handling systems are available to meet every analysis need. These instruments can incorporate small volume pumping systems for precious materials, high throughput automation, dry powder dispersers and temperature controlled flow systems in order to provide the user with the best possible solution with none of the trade-offs that might otherwise be necessary.

Particle Size

Particle Shape

Surface Area

Particle Characterization Support

The HORIBA support team includes experienced service engineers and fully-trained distributors. Maintenance contracts are routinely established to ensure optimal condition and nominal performance.

Expert application and technical support is provided by each of our global subsidiaries to assist customers with method development, data analysis, and training. HORIBA’s customer support is predicated upon providing the finest education and training, so that the user may employ the instrumentation to its fullest extent.

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