Raman/PL Measurements with a Single Bench Top System

Raman PL System

HORIBA Scientific offers the unique Raman/PL dedicated configurations for the LabRAM HR. Using a combination of both visible and infrared spectroscopies, it yields greater depth of information than is possible by just a single range analysis.

This is particularly useful in the characterization of semiconductor materials and carbon Nanotubes and can provide information directly related to the electronic and optical properties of the sample.

Emission spectra in photoluminescence measurements often extend across the Near IR, (above 1.1 microns), where conventional Raman instruments using CCD detectors are usually not sensitive. To achieve Raman and photoluminescence analysis, HORIBA Jobin Yvon's LabRAM systems can now include two ports for different detectors, a standard Raman CCD detector and an InGaAs Array detector, the latter being ideally suited to the NIR PL (photoluminescence) range.

The user has the ability to switch between Raman and PL analysis without any need for adjustment. The instruments combine the two techniques and enable both measurements to be made at exactly the same position on the sample for precise characterization and analysis.

The screen shot shows Raman spectra and PL maps of a silicon wafer, derived from thermal donor characteristics.

PL excited at 532 nm and detected in NIR range on InGaAs array detected option.

Specialized PL Software

For Semiconductor analysis, a dedicated Photoluminescence (PL) software module is available. It provides specific PL analysis and acquisition features ideally matched to the requirements of the semiconductor industry.