How-To Raman

Our collection of How-To-Raman files have been created to bring you step-by-step solutions for the use of our systems and the software.

How to...How to...

Webinar Fast Raman Imaging of Multi-layer MoS2
This movie shows Raman images of MoS2 on a Si substrate generated with various acquisition times.

Webinar a Raman spectrum
This movie explains you how to do a Raman spectrum of aspirin in a couple of minutes.

Webinar Raman mapping
This movie explains you how to obtain a Raman image in few minutes.


…analyse particles with LabSpec 6’s ParticleFinder
This video gives an introduction to the ParticleFinder module, showing the key steps in locating and analysing particles.

Webinar a fast Raman mapping of graphene layers
See how ultra-fast Raman mapping can be used to analyze graphene for number of layers and defects.


… do a Raman Imaging of Implanted Si
This webinar explains step-by-step how to analyze a polycrystalline implanted Si chip using the mapping capacities of LabSpec 6.


...analyze orientation effects using in stretched polyethylene
Comparison of the Raman spectra of stretched and as cast polyethylene demonstrates how order and orientation in polymer films affect the Raman spectra.


… analyse a multilayer polymer film by depth profiling
Describes the presentation and analysis of spectra acquired by confocal Raman spectroscopy to generate an axial depth profile of multilayer polymer films.


...measure samples sensitive to the laser power
Describes different methods to avoid damages of the samples related to the laser power.