HORIBA Scientific’s fully automated Raman microscopes allow fast non-destructive chemical micro-analysis and automated high definition Raman chemical imaging.

A Raman microscope is used in many varied applications, including characterization of graphene/CNT materials, pharmaceutics, forensics, geology, materials and life science – full details can be found in the applications section of this site.

XP Examina

Raman is an ideal technique for Forensic science offering high quality data, reliability and significant speed advantages over other analytical techniques. Benefits for the analysis of trace samples not only include the range of samples that can be analysed but also in the non-destructive nature of the analysis. Raman microscopy enables easier comparative analysis, unknown chemical identification and improved value for money.

LabRAM HR Evolution Raman Microscope

High spectral resolution analytical Raman microscope for ultimate performance and flexibility; includes UV Raman configuration, full automation and wide range of accessories.

XploRA INV inverted Raman Microscope

The XploRA INV inverted Raman microscope combines the automation features and small footprint of the standard XploRA™ Raman microscope with the unique sampling capabilities of an inverted microscope, especially important for demanding biological applications.