Sensor Chips for Label-Free Interaction Analysis

SPRi Biochip and SPRi Slide

SPRi-Biochips™ and SPRi-Slides™ are designed exclusively for HORIBA SPR imaging instruments. The sensor chips are made of a high refractive index glass prism coated with a gold thin film specially developed for imaging purposes. Importantly, the sensor chips can be provided with pre-functionalized surface chemistry or as bare biochips suitable for exploring your own chemistry and target molecule detection.

To detect biomolecular interactions, ligands are first grafted (spotted) onto the sensor chip surface. Depending on the diameter of the spots, up to 400 spots (150µm) or 64 spots (500µm) can be deposited on the 1cm2 sensitive surface of the biochip.

With the appropriate regeneration procedure, spotted SPRi-Biochips™ are re-usable at least 100 times saving on consumable costs.

Ligands can be spotted manually or using commercially available spotting systems (SPRi-Arrayer and SPRi-CFM) for more demanding applications.

Unfunctionalized surfaces

Au-coated biochips are available to allow for your own surface chemistry.

SPRi-Biochip Prism with a thin gold layer 5 units
SPRi-Slide Slide with a thin gold layer 10 units
Prism High index glass prism 2 units
Etched prism High index glass prism with an etched surface 1 unit
Index matching liquid High index liquid for connection between glass prism and SPRi-slides 1mL