Automatic Liquid Source Refill System

HORIBA offers a variety of Automatic Liquid Source Refill Systems to safely and reliably deliver liquid to the point of use. The product line-up includes systems utilising all stainless steel wetted parts for critical semiconductor processes that can be connected to the wide range of high performance  HORIBA STEC direct injection vaporizers for delivery of TEOS, TEB and TEPO.

The line-up of Liquid Source Refill Systems also includes the award winning FDM series that utilises non-metallic wetted parts for metal contamination critical processes like those used in the photovoltaic diffusion processes.

The FDM is designed to deliver liquid POCl3 or BBr3 in dual containment tubing to HORIBA's Advanced Temperature Compensated Bubbler Module: the VM series.

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Automatic Liquid Source Refill Systems

POCl3 Auto Refill System VDM Series

HORIBA's Award Winning Fluid Delivery System (FDM Series) has revolutionised the POCl3 diffusion process by developing a system to automatically deliver bulk liquid POCl3. This Auto Refill System achieves higher uptime, cost reduction, improved process stability and higher safety.

Liquid Auto Refill System LU Series

Automatic liquid refill system delivers chemicals directly to baking or direct liquid injection systems. Safe, efficient, and continuous supply of liquid sources.