Pressure Control

HORIBA have various types of products within pressure control to monitor, regulate or control the pressure in a gas supply line.

Our pressure control products include digital high performance pressure sensors and piezo valves.

They also eliminate the effects of cross talk caused by switching high flow lines.

Being all-metal they have ultra clean parts.

Our wafer cooling system uses helium gas to reduce heat damage and our exhaust pressure controller maintains a consistent level of pressure in a chamber.

The above elements contribute to yield enhancement in your manufacturing process.

Auto Pressure Regulator

Digital Auto Pressure Regulator

High performance auto pressure regulator with installed pressure sensor and piezo actuator valve. Digital/Analog and DeviceNet™ communications.

Piezo Actuator Valve

Piezo Actuator Valve PV Series

The fast response piezo actuator valves are equipped with metal diaphragms and metal O-rings.

Exhaust Pressure Controller

Exhaust Pressure Controller EC-5000 Series

The exhaust pressure controller maintains pressure within a chamber at any desired level. Equipped the high-resolution stepper motor and butterfly valve.

Wafer Back Side Cooling System

Wafer Back Side Cooling System GR-300 Series

High stability and accuracy pressure controller for back side wafer cooling in semiconductor manufacturing, installed piezo actuator valve and pressure sensor.