Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Testing Services

CAV Services

For 75 years HORIBA MIRA has worked closely with customers to develop some of the world’s most iconic vehicles and has been involved in the development of connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs) for more than 15 of these years. A commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has remained a key part of HORIBA MIRA’s culture since its establishment, and has led to it becoming an internationally recognized expert in the development and implementation of CAVs and connected automated mobility (CAM).

HORIBA helps customers around the world overcome key challenges associated with the implementation of self-driving technologies, and works across multiple sectors to provide a supportive role in the development of these technologies. This allows customers to define, design, build, test and validate their CAV solutions and achieve high levels of performance by implementing simulated validation, physical tests, and the application of the recognized systems engineering framework.

HORIBA has provided expert support to a wide variety of ground-breaking CAV and CAM projects and is a trusted partner for many industry-leading organizations engaged in developing future mobility.

CAV Sensor Testing

CAV Engineering Services

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