As global standards tighten, what were previously considered slight variations in measurement have become extremely meaningful—making the need for precise, reliable, and repeatable test results more important than ever. Efficient and secure data management is also a key part of maintaining high quality standards. 

STARS is comprised of two platforms that integrate tightly to automate and manage all aspects of test operations: STARS Automation for data acquisition, control, and automation in the test cell—and STARS Enterprise, a web-based solution for data management and process automation. 

STARS Enterprise plays a key role in quality, by replacing manual processes with highly automated workflows that generate audit trails that satisfy the tightest quality assurance demands.

STARS Automation has a real-time test execution environment with deterministic execution and data acquisition. Tests can be executed that adhere to strict regulatory standards with complete, quality assured analysis and reporting. STARS applications provide tools to calibrate equipment within the test lab for accurate and repeatable results. 

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