Auto Compact Starrsed

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Automated Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) Instrument

  • Complete traceability and complementarity of VS analysis with counting on the ABX Pentra ML station
  • Maintaining tubes in the rack
  • Bi-directional connection


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Segment: Medical
Dział: Hematology
Firma produkcyjna : MECHATRONICS
  • Automated Westergren method
  • Unique EDTA primary tube for count and ESR
  • Continuous automatic feeder
  • Full traceability on the ABX Pentra ML expert station
  • Cost control and respect for the environment


Compact auto starrsed

  • Elimination of the tedious step of sorting tubes
  • Load samples in less than a minute, 50 continuous EDTA tubes
  • Performance of 135 samples per hour
  • Rotary agitation of samples: Perfect homogenization
  • Positive identification by internal barcode reader
  • Automatic and precise dilution in sodium citrate
  • Results transmitted in 30 min or 1 h

Spécifications techniques

Poids70 kg

115/230 V - 50/60 Hz - 500 VA

Dimensions80 x 110 x 66 (H x L x P) cm
Imprimantematricielle (option)
Cadence135 tests / heure en mode 30 min
Traitement des données 
  • Windows XP, USB,
  • RS 232C,TCP/IP, 2 x USB1 Connection mono et bi-directionelle.
Capacité mémoire140 Go données patients illimitées
Gestion des patientsHistorique patients (matrice, données)
Ecran Tactile


VolumeMode automatique : 1,7 mL
Mode opératoireChargeur automatique d'une capacité de 5 portoirs (ABX Pentra DX ou ABX Pentra 80)
Chargement continu, 50 tubes
Agitation rotative
IdentificationAlphanumérique, lecteur de code barre (interne)

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