HORIBA Contract Test Services excels in the testing of components and systems that require dynamometers to evaluate performance. Customers who choose to conduct their test requirements at the HORIBA Contract Test Services laboratory benefit from the vast knowledge, experience and capabilities in the following areas:

 Providing 24/7 test services to a diverse customer base:

  •  Hybrids
  • Passenger car
  • Light & Heavy truck
  • Off-road
  • Military

 Computer based controls and programs featuring:

  •  Real time simulation
  • Fatigue & Durability
  • Efficiency testing
  • Digital Torque & Speed processing
  • Block cycle
  • NCode editing software
  • Damage Sensitive editing
  • Damage analysis

Multiple on-site test dynamometers:

  •  Regenerative
  • Eddy current
  • Hydraulic

Capable of a broad range of test applications:

  •  Full Vehicle
  • Driveline components
  • Engines
  • Test at temperature capabilities
  • On-site fabrication capabilities

Test laboratory layout featuring:

  • T-rigs
  • Engine test cells
  • Power Train test stands
  • Open architect floor space



Please contact HORIBA Contract Test Services for a quotation:

HORIBA Instruments Incorporated Troy Facility
2890 John R. Troy, Mich. 48083, U.S.A.
Phone: +1 (0) 248-689-9000
Fax: +1 (0) 248-689-8578
E-mail: sale-ats.us@horiba.com