Минералогия / Геология

В минералогии / геологии применяются следующие аналитические и инструментальные методы. Нажмите на квадратики для получения дальнейшей информации..






Chemical Images




Coral Analysis for Sea Temperatures of up to 70,000 years ago




Elemental Distribution of Rocks and Polished Sections




Environmental Effects (e.g. Leaching by Eain)




Fluid Inclusions






Geology / Earth Science




Mineral behaviour under Extreme Conditions



Mineral Structures




Ores & Mining



Petrochemical Industry (e.g. Rock Analysis to Identify the best place to start Drilling for Oil)




Phase Transitions



Raw Materials Quality Control




Rocks Full Analysis including Rare Earth Elements




Sediments Full Analysis




Sediments and Soils Properties




Space Dust


Synthetic Enhancements and Fillers