Фармакология и Косметология

В фармакологии и косметологии применяются следующие аналитические и инструментальные методы. Нажмите на квадратики для получения дальнейшей информации..

Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics

We can help you for R&D in Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics questions. Here are some examples of the major applications.

Biomarker detection in complex samples - SPRi
Target identification and validation - SPRi, Fluorescence
Lead screening - SPRi, Fluorescence

We can help you for Drug and Cosmetics development. Here are some examples of the major applications where we have solutions.

Lead validation & characterization - Fluorescence, SPRi, Raman
Affinity & kinetics screening - SPRi
Formulation - Raman, PSA, Fluorescence, Fluorescence X-Ray
Polymorphism - Raman
Protein aggregates - Raman, Fluorescence, PSA
Tablet and capsule bulk formulation - Raman, PSA
Combinatorial Chemistry - Raman

Verify your drugs and cosmetics products. Here are some examples of the major applications where we have solutions.

Raw materials entry control - Raman, Fluorescence, ICP-OES, PSA, Fluorescence X-Ray
Contamination - Raman, ICP-OES, Fluorescence, Fluorescence X-Ray
Concentration measurement - Fluorescence, SPRi
Screening - Raman, SPRi
Affinity and kinetics ranking - SPRi

Protect your business! Here are some examples of the major applications where we have solutions.

Pharmaceutical ingredients analysis - Raman

The following analytical and instrumental techniques are used in Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics, please click on the squares for further information.


Advanced Research, Routine Analysis, Quality Control





Antibody/Antigen interaction







Bio-availability of Formulations













Biodegradable Polymers







Combinatorial Chemistry






Compound Distribution in Tablets











Cosmetics and Formulations






Cosmetics Quality Control (Tooth Paste, Facial Products, Varnishes, Moisturizers)






In Cosmetic and Health Care Companies: Sunscreen, Lipid-based Emollients, Skin Quality







Crystalline Phases







To Obtain Information on the Dynamic, Rigidity and Structure of DNA, Proteins, Nucleic Acids, Virus







Dynamics of Drug Release







Fluorescence Immunoassay Methods







High Throughput Screening Raw Material Verification







Mechanical Properties of Tablets







Metals Analysis in Drugs & Cosmetics







Oligosaccharide/Protein interaction




















Protein Interactions





Quality Control Formulation Screening







Raw Material Analysis e.g. NaCl for QC & Trace Elements & Compliance with Legal Limits of Toxic Elements







Research for Bio Paths by using Metal Bio-markers







Tablet Coatings







  • The  pharmaceutical industry faces constant challenges, not only due to drug discovery issues, but to the many regulations changes, as well. To maintain competitiveness and profitability, fast and innovative solutions are critical.
  • Considering the increasing number of molecules to be screened, selected, tested for ligands or analytes, characterization must be accurate and fast, providing not only a bio-chemical profile, but also must be able to monitor the dynamic of the drug affinity.
  • Pharmaceutical production requires fast, easy and accurate QC monitoring, that provides fast detection of drift in drug properties, along with fast decision making when contamination is suspected. This will save time and money, while providing perfect traceability.
  • HORIBA Scientific provides a comprehensive portfolio of characterization platforms for drug development, interactions studies and quality control.



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