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Not just an integrating sphere – a complete quantum yield solution!

When combined with a HORIBA Fluorometer the Quanta-φ forms the most accurate, versatile and complete luminescence yield system available!

Quanta–φ is a quantum yield and CIE measurement accessory for our Flurolog and FluoroMax fluorometers. Quanta–φ features a large 150 mm (6 inch) integrating sphere, unique bottom-loading solid sample drawer, electrical connection port for EL measurements, all controlled from a simple-to-use dedicated QY/colorimetry software. Combined with our highest sensitivity and flexibility fluorometers, Quanta–φ is finally the headache-free PL/EL QY solution you need.


  • Large 150 mm (6 inch) sphere for higher accuracy and precision QY values
  • Bottom-loading drawer for solid/powder samples, eliminating contamination
  • Top-loading center-mounted liquid sample holder fits any standard 12 mm cuvette
  • Wiring port for light-emitting devices and electroluminescence
  • Complete, easy-to-use analysis package for quantum yields and chromaticity indices
  • Disposable solid/powder cups with optional reusable quartz coverslips
  • Usable with any detector mounted on any port of your fluorometer
  • Instructional video tutorials, electronic user’s manual and on-line interactive help support

Изготовитель HORIBA Scientific


Sphere inner diameter

6 inches (150 mm)

Sphere material


Port fraction (liquid mode)


Port fraction (solid mode)



9.47 lbs. (4.29 kg) with sample drawer

Powder sample cup

1 cm diameter
3 mm deep with quartz coverslip

Liquid sample holder

For 1 cm path 4 mL cuvettes

Fiber optic bundles

PVC monocoil sheath
1.5 m

Quanta–φ software requirements

FluorEssence version 3.5 or higher

Quanta–φ software operations

Quantum yield (%) with absolute and relative error propagation
Chromaticity indices (CIE 1931 and 1976)

PL measurement wavelength range:

350-800 nm with standard emission grating(s)
300-800 with UV-blazed emission grating(s)

Fluorolog-3 NIR
350-1000 nm

Fluorolog-3 Synapse CCD and iHR–320
300-1000 nm

350-800 nm

FluoroMax-4 NIR
300-1000 nm

*Spectralon is a registered trademark of Labsphere, Inc.



  • Nanocrystals and quantum dots
  • Organic dyes and uorescent probes
  • Biomarkers and biosensors
  • Photovoltaic materials
  • OLED and LED materials
  • Electroluminescence and light emitting devices
  • Thin-film materials
  • Display and lighting phosphors and fluors
  • Quantum yield standards and reference materials
  • Coordination chemistry and rare earth materials research
  • Solvent-dependent effects
  • Chromaticity color indexing
  • Resonance energy transfer (FRET)
  • Stern-Volmer quenching


Quanta-Phi Brochure

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