CCD детекторы

Synapse CCD and EMCCD Cameras

Synapse CCD and EMCCD is the complete solution for modern spectroscopic measurements from simple absorbance to the most difficult Raman or photoluminescence measurements.

Performance, versatility and affordability for UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy applications:


  • 1024 x 256 Open-Electrode Deep Cooled for UV-Vis-NIR Spectroscopy
  • 2048 x 70 Back Illuminated UV Enhanced Deep Cooled for Luminescence Spectroscopy
  • 2048 x 70 Back Illuminated NIR Enhanced Deep Cooled for Raman Spectroscopy

Symphony II CCD Detectors

The Symphony® II line of CCD detectors is a family of array detectors from HORIBA Scientific, the world leader in optical spectroscopy. Because of their unique combination of outstanding sensitivity, high speed, low noise, ruggedness and durability, all in compact and economical packages, these array detectors have totally revolutionized spectroscopic detection with the ultimate performance for a wide range of spectroscopic applications.


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