Warning to Taiwanese customers

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Thank you for your continued patronage of HORIBA products.
Recently, we have noticed that that our logo or official website was used or linked by some companies who are not authorized distributors of HORIBA products without our permission. Sales activities related to HORIBA products were done through these unauthorized companies, which brought risks for customers, and in some cases HORIBA products were not delivered to customers. 
We would like to inform you that only products provided direct from our company or through the authorized distributors are guaranteed as our products and will be supported by us. 
Please be sure to purchase our products direct from our company or from an authorized distributor through the authorized route.
If you do not know the authorized distributors, please contact us directly HORIBA Taiwan, Inc. or use the designated web inquiry form (see note 1).
There is a possibility that products from unauthorized sources are counterfeit (see note 2). 

*1 Contact address and contact form
Company name: HORIBA Taiwan, Inc.
Address: 8F.-8, No.38, Taiyuan St. Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 30265, Taiwan
TEL: +(886)-3-5600606
Web inquiry form
=> https://www.horiba.com/en_en/contact/contact-form/

*2 Counterfeit products
・Counterfeit products may not meet our quality standards and are not covered by our quality guarantee. We are not responsible for any accidents caused by the use of counterfeit products.
・In addition to the possibility of serious defects or malfunctions in using counterfeit equipment, you may also be unintentionally involved in illegal activities by doing so . There is also a risk of degrading the quality of your product or your brand image.
・We are taking determined steps to eliminate counterfeit products as they violate our IP rights for patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, etc.

※If you use our logo or links to websites, our prior permission is required.
※This is the information at the time of publication.