Our Approach to Promoting Diversity

"Employees are intangible assets—human assets."
We of HORIBA believe that people are our most important assets. They are the company's least visible and yet most important assets.
When human assets, each of whom has unique talents, gather to form a team, infinite possibilities lie ahead of them.

Our approach to promoting diversity is to create an environment in which individual employees fully demonstrate their talents and capabilities.

Message from Atsushi Horiba, Chairman & Group CEO:
A company will not last if all its employees do the same thing.
It is important that employees work together while demonstrating their strengths and uniqueness, moving forward in the same direction as a Super Dream Team.

Diversity Promotion Unit

In 2013, a female Manager Training participant expressed her opinion about diversity, which led to the company's 2014 launch of a diversity promotion project involving all group companies in Japan. Juichi Saito, then Vice President, served as the project owner.

In 2017, the company launched a diversity promotion unit, the HORIBA Stained Glass Project Office. This office is responsible for connecting and aligning the top management, worksite employees, and Human Resources Division in promoting diversity so that the opinions of all parties are heard.

This project portrays the company as a beautiful stained glass picture; each employee is a piece of stained glass with a unique color, shape, and size. The project mission and envisioned goals are as follows.

Project Mission

We establish a strong HORIBA by allowing various personalities and talents to shine for creating new values on an ongoing basis.

― Goal Image

  1. Improve HORIBA’s business competitiveness through diversity
  2. Create next-generation leaders and role models with diverse work style.
  3. Improve productivity through drastically reforming work style

Areas of diversity promotion at HORIBA

Message from the Project Owner

Juichi Saito
Chairman of the HORIBA Stained Glass Project Steering Committee
Vice Chairman & Group COO

Our corporate motto, "Joy and Fun," has always been the jumping-off point for our celebration of diversity.
HORIBA pioneered the initiative to achieve a sound work-life balance among Japanese companies when we partially introduced a 4-day work week in the 1980s.

From the beginning of the 1990s, we accelerated the drive to globalize our business, providing our diverse human resources with more opportunities to shine.

We will continue adding more colors to the beautiful “stained glass” that is made up of our employees and let it shine even more brightly to create value unique to HORIBA.