Advantages of HORIBA Automation System Line-up

Customer needs

  • Consistent results over time
    Variability of results between operators can reduce quality

  • Unattended operation
    Manual operation is time-consuming and limits throughput

  • Safety should be our priority
    Manual operation always expose operators to hot crucibles or parts

Solved by HORIBA Automation

Several types of automation systems can be selected depending on the customer’s needs:

Oxygen/Nitrogen/Hydrogen Analyzer EMGA Series

 Results consistencySafetyMaintenanceUnattended operationAutomation level 
EMGA with Autocleaner+++-


EMGA with Autocleaner and Autosampler+++++++

- Autocleaner
- Crucible loader
- Autosampler for sample and flux

Carbon/Sulfer Analyzer EMIA Series

 Results consistencySafetyMaintenanceUnattended operationAutomation level 
EMIA with Autosampler++++++

Autosampler for sample

EMIA with Autosampler and Accelerator feeder++++++++

Autosampler for sample and accelerator

EMGA Series Autosampler

EMIA Series Autosampler

Automation crucible loading and disposing unit. Up to 20 pcs of crucible are available to be set.

Customer feedback

  • Results are consistent over time independently from the operator
  • Safety is improved with automation
  • Maintenance frequency is lowered thanks to automation
  • Return on investment is quick thanks to reduction of labor costs

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