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10 July 2019 - The 7th International Conference on Advanced Applied Raman Spectroscopy took place on 24th -25th June and attracted top scientists in the field of Raman spectroscopy and its application to materials, engineering, chemistry, biology and medicine.

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28 January 2019 - Augmenting the Technology of Particle Characterization Instruments

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5 December 2018 - HORIBA UK Ltd. is pleased to welcome back Dr. Simon FitzGerald to its Scientific team in the role of Technical Manager.  He will lead the company’s team of application and product specialists to help further HORIBA’s...

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13 September 2018 - Among the Best in the Industry for its Lightweight and Compact Footprint

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15 May 2018 - Revolutionary Two-In-One Fluorescence and Absorbance Spectrometer Earns Silver Honors

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14 March 2018 - Revolutionary Two-In-One Fluorescence and Absorbance Spectrometer Honored for Ingenuity and Innovation

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26 February 2018 - Axonlab invites you to the HORIBA Scientific seminar: Biomolecular Analysis using SPRi technique Discover how to benefit from label free high throughput screening with up to 400 ligands per run...

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