Wide range TMAH Concentration Monitor HE-960H-TM


Accurately measures the concentration of TMAH (Tetra Methyl Ammonium Hydroxide), which is the main component of the photoresist developer solutions in semiconductor manufacturing. Wide measurement range : 0 - 10 %. Have the chemical resistant carbon sensor.


  • Wide range measurement
        Concentration: 0 - 10%, Conductivity: 0 - 1000 mS/cm
  • Automatic display range switching
  • Enables three types of measurement: TMAH concentration, conductivity, and temperature
  • Chemical resistant carbon sensor
  • 24 V DC power supply
  • RoHS compliant

Manufactured by HORIBA Advanced Techno


Indication Converter



Measurement range

0 - 10%

Ambient environment

Temperature: -5 to 45°C, Relative humidity: 20 to 85 % (without condensation)

Power supply

24 V DC ±10%, 10 W (max.)

Protective structure

Panel: IP65, Rear case: IP20, Terminal: IP00 (indoor-use panel installation type)


Approx. 550 g

Conforming standards

CE marking, FCC Part 15

Compatible sensors

FES-510 series (flow-type carbon sensor)


Dimensions of HE-960H-TM


  • Technical Article

Conductivity Meter with Carbon Electrodes and Application for Densitometers Technologies for a Practical Densitometer (1.8MB)

"2-pole electrical conductivity sensors with chemical resistant carbon electrodes are developed in 2002. These sensors are installed in the semiconductor wet process and used as a densitometer practically. The electrical circuit for 4-pole measurement was an innovation which improved the interface problem to the any 4-pole sensors. Single component concentration of HF or TMAH is measured from the conductivity, based on the precise measurement of conductivity and temperature, via individual temperature compensation of conductivity. Etching or developing solution should be controlled severely. Needs for monitoring solution based on the application of conductivity method are increased."

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