Optimize processes and increase cell supply stability and conversion efficiency and reduce waste through real-time monitoring of chemical solution concentrations.

HORIBA’s chemical solution concentration monitors support the optimization of solar cell manufacturing processes through real-time measurement of chemical solution concentrations in cleaning and etching processes. This enables greater accuracy in chemical-based texture formation and the removal of impurities, contributing dramatically to improved conversion efficiency in crystalline silicon solar cells.

Fiber Optic Type Chemical Concentration Monitor CS-100F1 Series

Support for multi-batu, single-bath, and dingle-wafer cleaning systems

Chemical Solution Concentration Monitor CS-100 Series

Chemicals soulution concentration monitor has a compact profile, support for multi-bath, single-bath, and dingle-wafer cleaning systems

Hydrofluoric Acid Monitor CM-200A/210A

Ideal for hydrofluoric acid monitoring in semiconductor manufacturing

HF/HCl Concentration Monitor HF-960H

Middle range HF / HCl concentration Monitor. The sensor is highly resistant to chemicals.

Measurement range: 0 -10%

Low Concentration HF/HCl/NH3 Monitor HF-960M

High precision, high-speed measurement of low concentrations of HF, HCl, and NH3. Resistance sensor.

Carbon Sensor Conductivity Meter (High concentration type) HE-960HC

Wide range, carbon sensor conductivity meter for high concentration. Measurement rage: 0 - 1000 mS/cm

Industrial Resistivity Meter HE-480R

Compact resistivity meter for versatile porpose. Measurement range: 0 - 100.0 MΩ・cm