High-grade type Gas Monitor for Chamber Cleaning End Point Monitoring IR-400


Realtime monitoring of chamber cleaning end point in deposition process are available. It realizes easy optimization for clean process, and reduction of clean time and gas usage. By reducing Chamber damage, it contributes to components' long life time.


  • Multi gas monitoring (Supported SiF4 and CF4) (IR-422)
  • High sensitivity
  • Gas cell heating function up to 180 dec.C
  • Multi-display
  • Analog/Digital communication

Benefits of real-time end-point monitoring with the IR-400

  • Reduce time for chamber cleans
  • Reduce usage of cleaning gases
  • Repeatable and predictable clean process
  • Longer lifetime of chamber components

Applications example

  • Monitoring chamber exhaust line

Manufactured by HORIBA STEC


Dimensions of IR-400

Measurement Techniques

Reliable, High-performance
Non-dispersive Infrared Absorptiometry (NDIR)

The infrared absorptiometry method employed by the IR-300 Series uses the principle of the absorption by gas molecules of the infrared light emitted from an infrared light source. A sample output from a sample that has absorbed the gas being measured is compared to a reference output with no absorbance, and the result is converted into a gas concentration. The use of this double beam method enables long-term, stable measurement results to be obtained.

Non-dispersive Infrared Absorptiometry 


Non-dispersive Infrared Absorptiometry

The optical system is made up of a light source, gas cell and double beam detectors. The stability of the double beam detector has been proven over a period of more than 40 years.


  • Realtime monitoring of cleaning end point in chamber of deposition process.
  •  "IR 1402 mobile endpoint system":
    SiF4 / WF6  gas monitoring system combined with MFC and Pump
    Movable all-in-one package with user friendly software suitable for
    sub-fab operations.

・ Chamber clean endpoint for optimizing clean time
・ Residual gas check before maintenance for safety
・ All-in-one package with user friendly software