Pressure Insensitive Mass Flow Controller SEC-Z700X Series


The SEC-Z700X Series is equipped with reliable thermal sensors and Pressure Insensitive function for stable flow rate control. On-board pressure measurement reduces the cost, size and complexity of gas delivery systems

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  • Multi Gas / Multi Range function
    The gas type and full scale flow rate can be changed by the customer.
  • Variable PID function gives high speed response (within 1 sec) across the whole flow range.
  • Compact gas line
    No need for the regulator, transducer and filter.
  • Stable control of the gas flow without effect by upstream and downstream pressure fluctuations.
  • Integrated Inlet Pressure Sensor.
  • On board Multi display.
  • Warranty 1% Set Point high accuracy.
  • Ultra clean design - Metal diaphragm, all stainless SUS-316L and polished surface treatment(standard).
  • Compact size
    Same fitting to fitting dimension up to 50 SLM.
  • Signal compatibility
    Analog/RS485 Digital Model , DeviceNetâ„¢ Model.
  • Network function
    Controlled by digital signal.

Manufactured by HORIBA STEC

Measurement Techniques

Pressure Insensitive
A new high-performance function provides a simplified gas supply systems.
Typical multi chamber gas lines have a line regulator, pressure sensor and filter to avoid mass flow controller crosstalk phenomenon caused by pressure fluctuations.SEC-Z700X Series  exhibit high stability and control the gas flow without effect of upstream and downstream pressure fluctuations. They not only give a flow rate output but also the temperature and pressure readings.

Overview of SEC-Z700X


  • Leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing process

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