Reticle/Mask Particle Remover RP-1


Automatically removes particles from the reticle/mask by air (or N2) blow and vacuum suction.  Removal of particles by routine use before lithography process extends the replacement cycle of the pellicle and cleaning cycle of the mask, thereby contributing to a reduction in running costs.Data of 20 µm borosilicate bead removal rate


Useful for the following cases

  • Reduces operator routine work and prevents human damage to pellicles.
  • Eliminates human handling and prevents electrostatic discharge damage.
  • Removal of particles before and after storage in the reticle stocker extends the duration of the mask life.
    Reticle/Mask Particle Remover RP-1
  • In combination with the Reticle/Mask Particle Detection System PR-PD Series, the state of the reticle/mask after removal of particles can be confirmed.

Manufactured by HORIBA


Applicable case



Simultaneously blows the glass and pellicle surfaces to remove particles approximately for 1 min.


1190(D) x 1150(W) x 1520(H)mm