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Electrode Accessories

The electrode adapter provides secure attachment for two electrodes so that they can be easily placed together in solutions.

Sensor holder (2 pcs/pack)

For attaching an ion electrode or the like with a round electrode cap to the stand arm.For...

9621, 9625 Electrode protector tube

5 pcs/packProtects the tip of the electrodeFor 9621-10D,9625-10D,9630-10D,9632-10D

Electrode protector cap (5 pcs/pack)

5 pcs/packFor 9621-10D/9625-10D/9615S-10D/9618S-10D/9681S-10D/6367-10D/6377-10D/6252-10D/9630-10D/9631-10D/9632-10D/6261-10C/1066A-10C/1076A-10C/2060A-10T/9300-10D/3552-10D

Electrode protector cap

3 pcs/packFor 9615S-10D, 9618S-10D, 9681S-10D,9600-10D

Electrode protector cap for long electrodes

1 pcs/packFor 9680-10D,9680S-10D.

Plug for internal solution filler port (3 pcs/pack)

3 pcs/packFor 9615S-10D, 9618S-10D, 9681S-10D, 9680S-10D.

Printer and Accessories

Applicable products:F-50/DS-50/D-50*/OM-50/ES-50/F-70/DS-70/D-70*/OM-70/ES-70 series*Except D-51/D-71Accessories:Paper roll (1 roll) ,Ribbon cassette (1 unit) ,AC adapter (1 unit) *Printer cable sold separately

Line up100V model...

For 200 Series Standard Handheld MetersUse the printer cable to connect any 220 models to printer and to print data.  

20 rolls

5 pcs/set

Digital Simulators

pH, mV, ION, DO simulator (for periodic inspection of the electrode)

Conductivity simulator (for periodic inspection of the electrode)

Meter / PC Connection Accessories

For 200 Series Standard Handheld MetersUse the PC (USB) cable to connect any 200 Series meter to computer and to upgrade the meter software (applicable to all models) or transfer data (applicable to 220 models only) via data...

USB cable

For F-70, DS-70 series

Cable to connect meter to a personal computer (serial, 9 pins)

For F-53, 54, 55

For F-52, 53, 54, 55, 72, 73, 74 and DS-52

Meter Accessories

AC adapter cable set

There are AC adapter cable for 100V,120V and 230V.For F-70,DS-70,F-50,DS-50,D-70,ES-70,OM-70,D-50,ES-50,OM-50 series.

LCD protection sheet

For F-70 series / DS-70 series (2 units/Pack)

Protection cover

Protect a meter for F-70, DS-70 series

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Allows you to connect your meter to any standard wall outlet worldwide by simply attaching the appropriate plug.

6 plugs included: US, EU, UK, Australia/New Zealand, China and Korea Multi-voltage: 100 to 240 V 1.8m cable With...

Electrode Stands

FA-70L Electrode stand (long type)

Electrode stand (adjustable type)

For D-50, ES-50, OM-50

* Meter and electrode are not included

For "DP-50S", "FA-50S" and "Electrode stand for F-50/DS-50"

Arm, for electrode stand (adjustable type)

For FA-70S,FA-70 L,FA-20S and DP-70S.Furthermore, it is available for FA-50S and  "Electrode stand for F-50/DS-50".

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For LAQUA 1000 series bench meters

The base of the electrode stand can be attached to the meter or served as platform for beakers or stir plate.

Accessories for Old Meter Models

Connect a recorder to make easy work of data analysis after measurement. Applicable models: D-20, 10, OM-10 and D-10 series

Applicable models: D-20, F-20, ES-10, OM-10, D-10 and DS-10 series

Applicable models: F-15, 16, DS-15, and F-20 series

Applicable model: D-20 series Adaptor for fitting two electrodes

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