Now entering the Era of integrating Observation and Analysis.

With the EDX analyzer, you can really experience a new world of frontiers.

The EMAX ENERGY offers a quite unique interface embodying completely different ideas from conventional EDXs.  By adding a virtual 3D stage functionality to its easy-to-use operating system, the EMAX ENERGY has achieved remarkable evolutions including the realization of elemental analysis by a broader scope of mapping or the like.

In addition, to make it more user-friendly, the entry models have been also equipped with Point & ID system boasting a longstanding reputation of usability.

The EMAX ENERGY controls the scanning electron microscope(SEM) from the EDX analyzer.

Available in Japan, China, Korea, India, Taiwan, Shingapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan

Energy Dispersive X-ray Micro Analyzer

X-Ray Detector for EMAX ENERGY series